What Causes an AC to Blow Hot Air?

You rely on your air conditioning to fill your home with cool air on the hottest days of summer. So feeling hot air or lukewarm air blowing out of your vents can be an immediate cause for concern and a clear indication that there is a problem somewhere in your air conditioning system. Identifying the […]

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How to Prepare Your AC for Summer

Although the official start of summer is still a few months off, the weather in Nashville is already warming up. Before you turn on your AC this spring, make sure that it is ready for hot weather. Taking steps now to prepare your AC will guarantee that it is able to keep you cool and […]

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5 Tips for Optimal Use of Your Air Conditioner

Any machine’s functionality and effectiveness are just as dependent on the user as they are on the manufacturer. From the biggest, most complex equipment to the simplest machinery, correct use is key for optimal functionality and durability. When it comes to air conditioners, their life, effectiveness, and function heavily depend on how they’re used. We […]

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