Do You Need Professional Nashville AC Repair?

With warm and often humid summers in Nashville, functioning air conditioning can be one of the most important factors in determining the comfort and safety of your home. A/C inspection, replacement, and maintenance is best done in the spring so that your unit is ready for the hot days. However, you can seek our air conditioning services at any time of the year. Contact our AC professionals for more details!

As you use your AC, you may also notice other issues that indicate a problem. Not turning on is straightforward way to tell that something is wrong, but other issues may include:

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Summers are hot and humid in Nashville ,TN, with daily temperatures averaging above 90 degrees Fahrenheit in the peak of the season, which is absolutely brutal if your ac unit is on the fritz. Our Technicians at Lewis Comfort Control HVAC are trained and certified in the latest standards for air conditioning replacement, repair, and maintenance.

 With our Comfort Loyalty Program, we will service your cooling system in the spring to ensure your unit is functioning properly. The end result is an AC system that keeps your home the right temperature, works as efficiently as possible to save you money, and happens on your superior convenience. There are certain warning signs that can indicate your air conditioner is not working efficiently. Here are a few of the more common things to look and listen for:

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Leaking Refrigerant

A low level of refrigerant or evidence of a leak can cause the air in the system to not cool properly.


Air conditioner that pump out air that smells musty or dirty should be checked for issues.

Unit Stays On

An air conditioning unit that stays on indefinitely can indicate a problem with one of your components or the effectiveness of the system.

Unit Cycles Frequently

Similarly, a unit that stays on frequently is not cooling the house properly.

High Humidity

The A/C unit is responsible for removing humidity from inside your home. If humidity is unusually high, the air conditioning might not be functioning efficiently.


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