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Like air conditioning repair, it is best to start thinking about furnace repair and maintenance issues in the fall before temperatures begin to drop. Our Nashville furnace repair service uses industry guidelines and standards to ensure your furnace is functioning as it should, both safely and effectively.

The heater in your home is responsible for increasing and maintaining the temperature of your property during cooler weather, typically fueled by gas. If you power it on and the unit does not turn on, or it turns on but no air comes through the registers, you need immediate repair to get it functioning again.

Furnace's may be some of the oldest items that are keeping the house functional, but they have been modernized quite a bit in the last few years. Whether you have an all-electric furnace or a wood burning furnace, there are some serious updates you will need to do to keep the furnace functioning; this is where we come in.

Signs that should prompt you to give us a call for professional heater repair or maintenance include:

Cool Temperature - Check air coming out of registers. If the temperature is cool or lukewarm, the heater may be malfunctioning.

Water Around Unit - A broken furnace can have water pooling on the ground around it.

Dusty Air - Air might naturally be a bit dusty when a heater is first turned on in the fall, but ongoing or copious dust from the registers can mean there is a problem.

Noise - Unusual sounds are a sign that something in the heating system is not functioning right.

Smell of Gas - Check air The smell of gas is often an emergency. Your furnace should be shut off immediately, and will also require repair.

At Lewis Comfort Control, we can diagnose the issues behind any of these problems and take the steps to resolve them. We examine parts, wiring, ducts, and more in our comprehensive heater repair services so that you can be confident that the job is done correctly and you will not experience any freezing nights in your home.

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Lewis Comfort Control is a family-owned HVAC Repair and replacement company based in Nashville, TN, and serving much of the surrounding community. We specialize in services that will keep your furnace functioning. Our licensed technicians bring the best service, from the way we are trained to the friendly, helpful way that we approach working with our customers .

Throughout our years of experience in the industry, we have made it our mission provide rapid service and guarantees that our furnace services are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. If we do not repair the issue, we continue to return until you are once more comfortable and we are are certain the fix was successful. We also recommend homeowners have a furnace inspection in the fall before the colder months . We will come to your home and inspect your gas valve, check gas pressures, exhaust vents, and heat exchangers to be sure you and your family are safe. Contact us today for your HVAC needs.

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We have a simple mission, to become the best provider of HVAC services in the major metropolitan area. We have been working nonstop, providing excellent customer service at competitive prices. If you would like to know more about our services and our track record in your city, give us a call today!


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