Heating Service and Repair in Nashville, TN

When colder weather arrives in Nashville, you need to be able to rely on your heating system. Regular maintenance ideally in the fall before it starts to cool, will help keep your heater or furnace in good repair and identify problems before they become an issue. But if your heating system unexpectedly stops working, or doesn't appear to be working as effectively, you need a company you can trust to quickly come and resolve the issue.

Lewis Comfort Control offers both maintenance and repair services for heating systems in Nashville. Whether you want to ensure your heating system is working efficiently or you have noticed problems that need to be addressed, we can help you keep your home warm all winter. Give us a call at (615) 440-9564 to get an affordable quote.

How We Help Keep Your Home Warm with Heating Services

You never want to turn your heater or funace on the first cold day of the season only to find out something is wrong, or have it working early on only to break down during the cold months. Our HVAC maintenance services throughout the year makes it possible to be sure that your heating system is ready for winter. We offer:

Heater Maintenance - During maintenance, we will replace dirty air filters, look for issues like carbon monoxide leaks or damaged wires, and make sure there is nothing around the heating system that could impede the functioning.

Furnace Maintenance - We make sure your furnace will operate efficiently in the winter by removing dust, inspecting electrical components, and checking there are no gas leaks.

Heater, Furnace, or Entire HVAC Installation - If you do not yet have a heating system, or your existing furnace is at the end of its life, we can install a replacement for a competitive cost to have your house ready for winter.

An annual checkup and tune-up give us a chance to inspect the system for problems that may not have outward indicators yet. If we do not find components that need repairs, we can arrange with you to take care of those immediately to keep your system working for year to come.

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Would You Like to Know More?

Even the best maintained heaters will often require upkeep as they age. Making repairs as soon as you notice something is not functioning correctly will help to extend the life of a heater.

The worst breakages will mean that a heating system produces no heat, but earlier signs that repairs may be necessary on your heating system include:

  • Indoor temperatures are inconsistent while the system is running.
  • The heater constantly cycles on and off.
  • Air quality deteriorates in terms of smell or breathability.

When your heater breaks in the middle of winter or doesn’t seem like it is working properly, you want a repair fast. Lewis Comfort Control can respond quickly to diagnose and fix the problem. We are a top choice company for heating services in Nashville. Set up an appointment today.