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6 Signs Your Furnace needs to be repaired

Maintenance and repair work relating to household gadgets or systems is a hassle everyone wants to avoid. Problems usually arise due to changes in usage or changing weather. Looking for certain signs ahead can help you nip the problem in the bud and avoid expensive repairs. Like any other system in your house, your furnace also gives you signs when it needs a repair, and below, we have mentioned a few.

1. Turning off mid-cycle

If you see your furnace turning on and off before coming to the end of a heating cycle, then it might be indicative of a bigger issue. The problem could be relating to your heat sensor or fan motor. Do not delay calling an experienced Furnace Repair company from Nashville to inspect your furnace right away.


2. Change in the flame color

If your furnace model has a peephole to look at the flame inside, check for its color. A yellow-colored flame might mean your burner needs cleaning or the furnace isn’t working to its capacity

Moisture on a window

3. Moisture in the air

When airflow is hindered in certain rooms of the house, moisture can build up on windows and walls. Higher indoor humidity can indicate poor furnace health.

4. Water leakage

Water leaking from your furnace can indicate different problems depending on the source of the leakage. This problem is relatively easier to take care of. On the other hand, if the water seems to be leaking from the furnace, then the issue is likely to be more complicated, and you should call Lewis Comfort Control and let our furnace repair professionals in Nashville take care of it.

A squirrel nibbling on a nut


5. Animal Infestation

Rodents, rats, or squirrels can cause quite a lot of damage to certain systems in your house. Keep a check on any infestation and call professionals if you find one.

6. A Deflecting Thermostat

If you find yourself having to adjust your furnace’s thermostat multiple times during the day, then it might mean your furnace needs repairing. Get in touch with experts at Lewis Comfort Control to address any issues relating to furnace repair in Nashville so that the problem can be solved swiftly.

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